WHISKY SMOKE Black Tea 18 20g
WHISKY SMOKE Black Tea 18 20g

WHISKY SMOKE Black Tea 18 20g

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WHISKY SMOKE 18 is a new category of Japanese tea.

WHISKY SMOKE 18 is inspired by the Chinese tea Lapsang Souchong which is traditionally smoked with pine wood. Our tea producer has his own distinctive take on the style, smoking his first flush Yabukita black teas with Japanese whisky barrels from the Ichiro Chichibu distillery. The result is an intensely aromatic black tea with notes of peat, coupled with a long and elegant finish that refreshes the palate.

This is a very special import by OHH and will only be available for this season only.

ORIGIN: Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan

HARVEST: Spring 2018


  • Withering
  • Drying
  • Rolling
  • Firing
  • Smoking


PACKAGING: 20g loose leaf in sealed foil packet


3g, 100ml freshly boiled water at 90ºC

1st infusion: 30 seconds

2nd infusion: 45 seconds

3rd infusion 60 seconds

WHISKY SMOKE Black Tea 18 20g